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A core part of the British piano manufacturing industry since 1893, Danemann Pianos is best known for driving forth innovation and design.

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Danemann Pianos have a reputation for building long-lasting solid instruments.

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An iconic name with an illustrious past. Discover the next generation of Danemann pianos, a select collection of upright and grand pianos to suit every style of playing. Hear the difference for yourself.

The rich history of Danemann Pianos cannot be overstated. Danemann Pianos tells the story of a prolific and prestigious maker. Founded in 1893 and quickly established as one of the pivotal leaders in the British piano manufacturing scene, the company was nearly lost forever in 1994. In 2017, hope was restored in the form of a joint venture with Broughton Pianos.

This venture brings Danemann Pianos back into production, reviving a British classic with a rich heritage. Known for their sturdy design and rich tones, Danemann Pianos are favoured among professional and student piano players alike. The original Danemann designs get a modern twist for the 21st century. Explore the range of upright and baby grand pianos and visit our dealer page to find a showroom local to you.

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