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Upright Pianos

Our range of upright pianos offer something for everyone, from the ambitious novice to the professional player. Discover the privilege of playing a Danemann piano in your own home with this collection of modern upright pianos.

Danemann DU-110

A compact and budget-friendly upright for those who don’t want to compromise on quality. The 110 is compact enough to fit in any home while still delivering impressively rich sound.

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Danemann DU-115

Occupying the mid-range in the Danemann collection, the 115 is an affordable and reliable piano for the intermediate player offering outstanding touch and tone.

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Danemann DU-123

The obvious choice for ambitious learners, professionals and learning institutions. The Danemann 123 is a mid-range upright piano with incredible tonal range.

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Danemann DU-126

Practice day or night with the Danemann 126 upright piano, the most advanced in the Danemann upright collection.

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Grand Pianos

A grand piano is the ultimate musical instrument and a true investment. Make a statement in your home with a Danemann grand piano, offering incredible tone and stable sound, from resonant bass to twinking high notes and a midrange of stunning clarity. Explore our collection of modern grand pianos.

Danemann DG-152

The DG-152 is our introduction model to the grand piano range which makes it more affordable, but rest assured this is still an instrument of quality.

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Danemann DG-158

The DG-158 is our top of the range piano, however it remains an affordable option and is constructed with modern and traditional production techniques.

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With more than 100 years of successful manufacturing find the Danemann Pianos to suit you.

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