Danemann DU-110

A budget-friendly upright for those who don’t want to compromise on quality. The DU-110 is compact enough for any home while still delivering impressively rich sound.

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Ideal for beginners and intermediate pianists alike, this entry-level upright piano is based on the original Danemann school piano and combines all the stylistic principles of the Danemann collection. Affordable without cutting any corners, it offers reliability in terms of both sound and performance. The DU-110 represents the perfect stepping stone for ambitious novice players, or an ideal secondary piano for a home studio or practise space for more advanced pianists. It is also the perfect addition to a music school, offering a sturdy and reliable piano for a lifetime of learning, and building on the brand's reputation as a supplier of top quality pianos for educational establishments.

The DU-110 offers a sound to rival a much larger upright. Notable features include the balanced and consistent action which provides a satisfying and responsive playing experience. The hardwearing levers and keys ensure this piano will stand the test of time. Danemann pianos are traditionally seen in schools and practise spaces, and this model is no exception. Available in polished black, bold white or rich mahogany to suit your needs, this sleek and compact piano will fit seamlessly with any decor. There's even a choice between chrome or brass hinges and detailing to ensure that your piano makes a perfect statement of your individual style. A soft-close fall is standard, protecting fingers from accidental knocks and chiming with the soft-close hinges used throughout many contemporary homes.

The versatility of this model is further enhanced by an optional KeyMi silent system. Enjoy peaceful practise at any time, without disturbing family or neighbours. There's also no need to worry about others hearing you until you're performance ready!

When the silent system is switched on, highly responsive sensors are activated, allowing for completely silent play using headphones. The easy to use interface allows the option of 129 voices; the pianist can also record their playing, or connect to a PA system for performance or recording work. A helpful visual gauge shows how hard each key is being pressed – ideal for repetitive or scale practise, or as a teaching aid.

Choosing to add silent technology to your piano offers you the advantages of both a digital and acoustic piano without sacrificing any additional space. It's the perfect choice to ensure the space in your home or studio works as effectively as possible.

Technical Specifications

  • Finishes: Polished ebony chrome fittings
  • Alt Finish: Polished walnut brass fittings
  • Width: 145
  • Height: 113
  • Depth: 60
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Surfaces: White acrylic - Black phenolic resin
  • Pedal Type: Soft pedal - Practice pedal - Sustain pedal.
  • Tone Escape: Yes
  • Key Cover: Lid
  • Fallboard Locks: No
  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Yes

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