Danemann DG-158

The DG-158 is our top of the range grand piano. Modern and traditional techniques combine to offer a highly desirable yet affordable option for pianists of all standards.

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Danemann's long tradition of building superior grand pianos culminates in the DG-158. This piano is combines modern and traditional production techniques to create a wonderful instrument of personality for novice and professional pianists alike.

The DG-158 boasts a warm and rich tone throughout the register, offering clarity without harshness. Bass tones are rich and well-rounded, reminiscent of a much larger grand piano. The highly responsive and balanced action offers no resistance to the pianist wishing to push their own boundaries of technique and expression. A popular choice for pianists and teachers at home as well as for educational establishments and smaller performance spaces, this model also features traditional details which reflect our long heritage. Solid and well-proportioned legs, traditional shaping on the music desk and lid, and richly toned wood veneer on the inside of the case ensure that the DG-158 sits comfortably in any setting, from traditional to contemporary.

A soft-close fall is standard, ensuring fingers are protected from accidental knocks, while chiming with the soft-close hinges seen throughout most modern homes. There's even a choice of brass or chrome hinges and detailing to ensure that your piano fully represents your individual style.

This beautiful instrument builds on our heritage to meet the demands of pianists today and far into the future, exuding character and a presence rarely seen in such an affordable instrument.

Technical Specifications

  • Finishes:: Polished ebony chrome fittings
  • Alt Finishes:: Polished White Brass/Chrome - Polished Walnut Brass/Chrome
  • Width:: 150
  • Height:: 100
  • Height with lid up: 182
  • Depth:: 158
  • Number of Keys:: 88
  • Key Surfaces:: White acrylic. Black phenolic resin
  • Pedal Type:: Soft pedal - Sostenuto pedal - Sustain Pedal
  • Caster Type:: Single casters
  • Tone Escape:: Yes
  • Key Cover:: Lid
  • Fallboard Locks:: Yes
  • Slow Down Fallboard:: Yes
  • Solid Spruce Soundboard:: Yes

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