Danemann DU-126

Practice day or night with the Danemann 126 upright piano, the most advanced in the Danemann upright collection.

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With silencing technology, you can enjoy peaceful practice without disturbing those around you. This makes it ideal for an education setting, or for a secondary piano in a recording studio. In the home, this attractive upright with its polished black casing will provide a focal point to any room.

With incredibly sensitive sensors replace the strings, allowing for completely silent play. This thoroughly modern design does not make any sacrifices on the sound quality, offering a rich and vibrant tone with impressive resonance. This piano offers a booming bass and bright mid-range, with clarity and tone that would be associated with a much higher range model. With a commitment to high-quality materials sourced from all over the world, the Danemann 126 is an ideal investment.

The Danemann 126 is the perfect choice for aspiring piano players and professionals alike. It is perfectly proportioned for a family home while offering versatility and durability in an educational establishment. With the introduction of the silent keys technology, players can extend their practice to any time of the day, ensuring they are never interrupted.

Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Polished ebony brass fittings
  • Width: 151
  • Height: 126
  • Depth: 60
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Surfaces: White acrylic - Black phenolic resin
  • Pedal Type: Soft pedal - Practice pedal - Sustain pedal.
  • Caster Type: Double casters
  • Tone Escape: Yes
  • Key Cover: Lid
  • Fallboard Locks: No
  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Yes

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